Delivery of groupage cargo from America to Russia2021-04-11T03:53:19+03:00

Delivery of groupage cargo from America
to Russia with VE Service

The company VE Service carries out the transportation of goods from America to Russia. We develop customised multimodal solutions, focusing on the delivery times required and the expected cost of transportation.

We specialize in transporting industrial equipment, whether it is complex high-industrial equipment, spare parts for industrial machines, electrical components or reagents for cleaning ventilation systems. We also offer export of faulty equipment and RMA.

We arrange air or sea freight to our warehouses in Europe, from where the goods are delivered by road to the destination. For urgent cargo, we offer direct air freight with customs clearance at major Russian airports. Having our own consolidation warehouse in Los Angeles for specialized cargo allows us, if necessary, to check packaging arrangement, quantity and range of goods.

We strictly comply with the transporting conditions required, and also prepare all the necessary certificates and customs documents. We are doing everything so that your logistics processes run smoothly. We know the segment of industrial equipment very well, understand your business and can ensure all stages of the supply chain to work perfectly.

Our services:

  • We arrange the general, groupage and out of gauge cargo transportation
  • We have our own consolidation warehouse in Los Angeles for checking and repackaging of goods.
  • Storage, repackaging, cargo insurance, preparing a package of transport and customs documents.
  • Choosing the best route to reduce our customer’s logistics expences.
  • Customs clearance at Russian airports and seaports.
  • Information support and consulting during the whole cargo transportation time.

Costs of shipping goods from America to Russia:

Prices for transporting goods from America depend on the selected consolidation warehouse, transport characteristics of the cargo, type of delivery (aviation + road transport, sea + road transport, direct air delivery with customs clearance at Russian airports) and the additional services needed. The exact cost of shipping goods from America to Russia is calculated on the day of a customer’s request.


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