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Cargo delivery from Great Britain to Russia with VE Service

VE Service offers reliable and high-quality cargo shipment from the UK to Russia. We have vast experience in delivering various types of equipment from England, including telecommunications, industrial and acoustic equipment, alongside with products for professional Hi-end sound and musical instruments.

We offer cargo transportation by road through a Channel Tunnel. Due to the specific nature and remoteness of industrial and manufacturing centers, we have developed special routes and schedules for the delivery of groupage cargo through consolidation warehouses in the suburbs of London. It allows us to reduce the time of delivery goods from remote regions, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cornwall and others. For urgent cargo transportation, we offer an option of air shipment with customs clearance at all major Russian airports.

Our company’s experts are ready to provide a turnkey cargo transportation service. It includes storage, processing, repacking, handling documents, customs clearance and insurance of goods shipped from England.

We offer:

  • Customised routes. The company’s experts develop effective individual logistics solutions, depending on the transport characteristics, the desired delivery time, and the point of destination.
  • Transporting both general and groupage cargo without any weight and volume restrictions.
  • “door-to-door” delivery. General cargo can be shipped directly from the supplier’s warehouse.
  • A network of consolidation warehouses. VE Service has its own network of consolidation warehouses in different countries. Besides, we successfully cooperate with many large consolidation warehouses in Europe.

Terms of cargo transportation from UK to Russia

TimingDelivery type
8-10 daysGeneral cargo delivery by road
12-14 daysgroupage cargo delivery by road

Cost of shipping goods from UK to Russia

We have well-established logistics solutions and specialize in one segment of cargo transportation. It allows us to provide competitive prices for the groupage cargo delivery from England to Russia. At the same time, all groupage cargo is transported according to the schedule, without delays and technical overlaps. We ensure the best price-quality ratio for our customers for the delivery of groupage cargo from England.

Managers in touch

Maksim Skovira

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 109

Alexey Burdukov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 110


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