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Cargo delivery from France to Russia with VE Service

Delivering cargo from France to Russia is one of the most important areas of VE Service’s work. Our core competence is transporting complex industrial equipment, it allows us to develop optimal logistics solutions, guarantee the safety of goods during the transportation and accurate delivery times. We successfully deliver industrial equipment, large-size machines, their spare parts, valves, etc. from France to Russia.

We will carefully process your cargo, considering its specifics, and ensure its safety throughout the route from the point of the departure to your warehouse in Russia. We guarantee a delivery in the shortest possible time, assistance on all related issues and groupage cargo vehicles departure from consolidation warehouses in Europe strictly on schedule.

Our job and our goal is to make logistics simple, transparent and reliable, helping to move your business towards new opportunities.

We offer:

  • Reliable cargo delivery from France to Russia, using European consolidation warehouses or directly from the shipper’s warehouse to the recipient’s warehouse.
  • Developing individual routes for your cargo delivery. We will select / develop the best route depending on the transportation requirements, type of the delivery, the desired delivery time and cost. Delivering goods from France will be carried out according to all your requests.
  • Customs clearance. We know all the details about customs clearance of goods coming to Russia from the European Union, and are ready to help you with this difficult task.
  • Full range of logistics services: storage, processing, reloading, insuring your cargo and transporting goods of any weights and sizes.
  • Working with general, groupage, and oversized cargo.

Terms of cargo transportation from France to Russia

TimingDelivery type
5-7 daysGeneral cargo
7-10 daysGroupage cargo

Cost of shipping goods from France to Russia

We offer competitive prices for cargo delivery from France to Russia. We minimize our customers expenses due to a deep knowledge of logistics processes, a high level of qualification and responsibility of each VE Service employee.

The exact cost of cargo transportation is calculated based on the transport characteristics of the cargo, the selected route, and the required set of additional services.

Managers in touch

Gleb Pavlov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 112

Gennadiy Zestavniuk

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 111


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