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VE Service: Moving Forward

VE Service is a leading company in the field of international transportation. This is more than just logistics for us. We optimize, accelerate and stimulate your business processes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small company or a large corporation – we have all the components for your business to work smoothly, flourish and grow. VE Service is a global network, proud of its stability, professionalism and passion in developing new services.

VE Service was founded in 2008 by experienced international logistics experts, graduated from the logistics department of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. The main task facing the company was to provide the best service in the field of international cargo delivery. And we have been successfully fulfilling this task ever since.

Today VE Service is one of the leading logistics companies in Russia. The annual volume of cargo that we handle exceeds 630,000 kg. Every year more than 100 vehicles leave a warehouse in Europe and successfully deliver goods to recipients in Russia.
We have a customs broker license, insurance policy, highly qualified logistics staff and certified customs experts.

We engineer customised logistics solutions, cooperate with agent warehouses all around the world and ensure delivery of your cargo door-to-door from anywhere on the planet. Our vehicles leave the consolidation warehouses stricktly on schedule. We guarantee the fastest possible shipment and help with all related issues, including the purchase of equipment.

We believe that shipping can be simple and can help our customers move forward and towards new opportunities, giving their businesses additional competitive advantages.


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