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Groupage cargo delivery from China to Russia with VE Service

VE Service logistics operator offers the best solutions for transporting groupage cargo from China to Russia. We offer various methods of transportation, a direct air delivery with customs clearance at the largest airports in Russia, or the multimodal transportation: sending goods by air to the consolidation warehouse in Riga (Latvia), by a container to ports on the Baltic Sea with further shipment by road or by an express train to railway stations of the Moscow region.

We will always offer the best route based on the type of your cargo, the required delivery time and budget.

We also work with general and out of gauge cargo: if necessary, we will develop a customised delivery route.

Our goal is to optimize your logistics processes to ensure reliable and smooth operation of the entire supply chain.

We offer:

  • There are no restrictions on volume and weight of your cargo. We transport goods of any size.
  • We minimize the costs of logistics services. We work with many consolidation warehouses and ports in China. We take the location of the groupage cargo (consolidation warehouse, port) into account and come up with the most efficient logistics routes when sending your goods.
  • A wide range of services. We are ready to provide not only logistic, but also legal services necessary for the groupage cargo delivery from China to Russia, taking into account all the requirements of the current Russian and Chinese legislation.
  • Customised routes. We develop them taking our customer’s wishes on timing and cost of transportation into account. We find the perfect balance between service price and time of delivery. For example, in case of no urgency, we suggest using transit container ships to reduce financial expenses.
  • A partner with vast experience. We have been transporting cargo from China to Russia for over 10 years. Our company’s annual cargo turnover through the ports of China is more than 200 tons. Knowing all the local specifics help us to solve logistic tasks of any complexity.

Terms of cargo transportation from China

TimingDelivery type
From 3 daysDirect air delivery
From 10 daysMultimodal air transportation
From 17 daysFast train delivery
From 45 daysGeneral cargo container transportation (FCL)
From 50 daysGroupage cargo container transportation (LCL)

Cost of shipping goods from China to Russia

The price of cargo transportation is calculated considering the desired delivery time, transport characteristics of the cargo, and a region of departure.

In each case, VE Service experts develop an individual, most cost-saving solution, optimizing the cargo delivery processes.

The following will help to reduce logistics costs:

  • Choose the type of transportation. Air, sea, road delivery, oversized goods transportation on the deck of the ship are available.
  • Groupage cargo location. There are more than 7 partner warehouses that we work with, allowing us to develop the most cost-saving logistics offers.
  • Reducing logistics costs is also provided due to a large number of cargo delivery routes involving sea, air, road and rail transport, as well as through working with reliable sea lines and air carriers.
  • Transporing complex equipment. Our competence is the transportation of complex industrial equipment, including medical, pharmaceutical, measuring, and electrical equipment. We know all the details and legal aspects of delivering these goods.
  • Full range of services. We do not only transport your goods, we also provide labeling, repackaging, cargo insurance, issuing transport and customs documents and certificates.

Managers in touch

Gleb Pavlov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 112

Gennadiy Zestavniuk

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 111


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