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Cargo delivery from Slovakia to Russia with VE Service

We bring manufacturers from Slovakia closer to their partners in Russia.

Transporting cargo from Europe to Russia is one of our priority activities. We often import filter and industrial equipment and filter cartridges from Slovakia. Our logistics management team will always offer the best logistics solution for transporting any type of your cargo.

The best way to transport goods from Slovakia is by road. We consolidate cargo from Europe in a warehouse in Riga, and then deliver it to Russia by road. During this process our trucks leave strictly according to the schedule and goods are processed strictly according to the loading instructions provided, based on their specifics and volume. Our customs declarants prepare all the necessary documents, including transport, customs and certification paperwork. For urgent cargo, we offer direct air freight with customs clearance at Russian airports.

A team of our first-class specialists will answer all of your questions about cargo transportation. We guarantee that your goods will arrive at the warehouse exactly on time, safe and sound.

We offer:

  • Delivering goods from Slovakia by road through our consolidation warehouses in Europe.
  • We can deliver cargo both “from the door” of the sender and from the consolidation warehouse of your choice.
  • Finding the best logistics options and routes according to the specifics of your cargo and the sender’s requirements for the cost and time restrictions.
  • A full range of related services, including insurance and customs clearance of your goods on the Russian Federation territory.

Terms of cargo transportation from Slovakia to Russia

TimingDelivery type
from 7 daysGeneral cargo
from 12 daysGroupage cargo

Cost of shipping goods from Slovakia to Russia

The prices for transporting groupage cargo from Slovakia to Russia are calculated individually for each customer, based on the timing, type of equipment, and point of the departure/shipment. We are always ready to offer the best conditions for transporting your cargo.

Managers in touch

Maksim Skovira

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 109

Alexey Burdukov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 110


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