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Cargo delivery from Estonia to Russia with VE Service

VE Service logistics company offers professional groupage cargo delivery from Estonia to Russia. We transport different industrial equipment, including air conditioning, ventilation, fire-fighting equipment, their components, spare parts, and consumables.

We have our own consolidation warehouse in Riga (Latvia), where groupage cargo is loaded for shipment to Russia by road.

To ensure the efficiency of cargo transportation, we use our well-developed routes and highly qualified staff, including customs declarants specializing in issuing documents for the import of industrial equipment from EU countries to Russia.

We offer:

  • Transportation, labeling, consolidation, packaging, storage ― a full range of logistics services.
  • Insurance and assistance in cargo registration.
  • Turnkey delivery.
  • door-to-door delivery option or transporting your cargo from our warehouse in Europe to the VE Service warehouse in Moscow.

Our experts’ responsibilities are:

  • Creating the cargo transportation route.
  • Selection of the service package, considering the cargo specifics and the delivery time required.
  • Organizing your cargo’s transportation strictly following the delivery terms.
  • Keeping the customer informed about the cargo’s location.
  • Ensuring complete safety of cargo.

Terms of cargo transportation from Estonia to Russia

TimingDelivery type
3 daysGeneral cargo
5 daysGroupage cargo

Cost of shipping goods from Estonia to Russia

We offer competitive rates and prices for the delivery of groupage cargo from Estonia, while ensuring the highest quality of logistics.

Managers in touch

Maksim Skovira

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 109

Alexey Burdukov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 110


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