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Groupage cargo delivery from Spain to Russia with VE Service

Our company organizes transportation of industrial equipment from Spain to Russia. We have gained experience and expertise in organizing the transportation of electrical, compressor, ventilation and air conditioning equipment with its components, spare parts, filters and absorbers. We are successfully delivering POS equipment for the largest suppliers in Russia, transporting everything from components to professional data collection terminals. We also transport ADR cargo (goods with a hazard class).

We have developed special solutions for cargo delivery from remote Northern regions of the country with consolidation in Barcelona and Madrid, from where our groupage cargo vehicles leave strictly on schedule at the end of the week, to reach the consolidation warehouse in Riga (Latvia). We will develop an individual logistics solution for your company considering the type of equipment, its dimensions and the urgency of your goods delivery.

A team of first-class experts is ready to consult you on any issues regarding cargo transportation. You can be sure that the cargo will arrive at the warehouse exactly on time, safe and sound.

We offer:

  • Cargo delivery from Spain to Russia by road, sea, air, or using multimodal transportation.
  • Transporting goods by road using the consolidation warehouses of our partners (Madrid, Barcelona) or directly through our own consolidation warehouse in Riga (Latvia).
  • Delivering cargo from the port of Valencia to St. Petersburg as well as an air freight from Spain.
  • All the related logistics services: reloading, storage, insurance and customs clearance of your cargo.

Terms of cargo transportation from Spain to Russia

TimingDelivery type
From 8 daysGeneral cargo
From 14 daysGroupage cargo

Cost of shipping goods from Spain to Russia

Tariffs and prices for delivering groupage cargo from Spain to Russia are calculated individually, based on the timing required, type of equipment, and a place of departure/shipment. We are always ready to offer the best conditions for transporting your cargo.

Managers in touch

Maksim Skovira

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 109

Alexey Burdukov

Tel.: +7(495) 212-12-44 ex. 110


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