Delivery of containers for alkaline liquids from Germany

VE Service had a task to deliver 5 containers for alkaline liquids from Unna-Massen, Germany to Tula, Russia. The volume of each tank was 14 m3, and the diameter was 2,700 mm.

Out of gauge cargo was placed on two units of specialized vehicles (low loader platforms) because of a European ban on the use of platforms longer than 11 meters, and delivered to the German port of Rostock. From there it was transported by sea (ferry) to the Latvian port of Liepāja. In Latvia, tanks for alkaline liquids were loaded to a specialized platform and delivered without any delay to a customer in Tula. All the way during the ground transportation, the cargo was accompanied by special vehicles with flashing beacons.

VE Service’s extensive experience in working with cargoes of various types, the high qualification of company’s employees and an individual approach to engineering logistics routes – that is what makes it possible to have any cargo transported as comfortable as possible.



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