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Out of gauge cargo delivery
with VE Service

International out of gauge cargo delivery is a complicated and laborious process. It requires preparing a special package of documents and permits, a carefully thought-out customized route, accompanying vehicles and special equipment for loading, unloading and transporting the oversized cargo. Land and sea transportations are used in these cases.

Delivery of non-standard goods is the core competence of VE Service. For instance, we are ready to offer you efficient solutions for delivering out of gauge cargo from Europe to Russia in starting from 7 days time. Our job is to develop the best logistics to make complicated transportation process easy for our customers.

We successfully transport:

Agricultural and construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers, pavers, harvesters, tractors, cranes).

Industrial equipment (reactors, machine tools, presses, turbines, chemical liquids tanks, disassembled production lines).

Long structures and building elements (reinforcement, reinforced concrete products, bridge supports, beams, pipes).

Why VE Service?

Our customers have the opportunity to insure their out of gauge cargo during the international and inside Russia shipment on good terms in large and reliable insurance companies.

High professional level of our staff, good technical basis and our responsible approach allow us to organize a safe and quality delivery of any out of gauge cargo.

We offer a full range of services
for an out of gauge cargo delivery

  • Preparing the necessary package of documents and permits for transporting cargo by land and on waterways of different countries.
  • Engineering the best routes, taking into account the ability of cargo carrying vehicles to pass under bridges, power lines and overpasses.
  • Designing customized plans to secure and fasten your out of gauge cargo.
  • Loading and unloading processes organized professionally.
  • Transporting by sea (usually on the deck of a ship).
  • We transport your cargoes using modern specialized vehicles (low loader platforms with a carrying capacity of up to 80 tons).
  • Out of gauge cargo road delivery is accompanied by escort with flashing lights if vehicle is more than 3.5 m wide and / or 24 m long.
  • Constant monitoring of the cargo throughout the delivery
  • We guarantee your out of gauge cargo safety during the transportation.
  • Customs clearance of out of gauge cargo.
  • Door-to-door delivery of the out of gauge cargo

Experts in touch

Oleg Kaygorodtsev

Тел.: 8 (495) 212-12-44 ex.104


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