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Fast train delivery from China

Transporting cargo from China by rail is an efficient and inexpensive way of delivering goods to Russia. This option is faster than sea shipment and cheaper than air freight. This is the best choice for delivering medium and heavy cargoes if they need to be transported in a short time (for example telecommunication cabinets, machines, etc.).

VE Service has an expanded network of consolidation warehouses in China, which allows us to quickly pick up and send goods by train from the cities of Suzhou or Guangzhou. The route runs along the high-speed Chinese railways and the Trans-Siberian Railway: the total length of the route is about 11,500 km.

Rail delivery time is starting from 17 days.

Goods arriving to Russia this way go through customs clearance at the Vorsino railway station (Kaluga region). Arter that we send them to the customer’s warehouse.

Railroad customs clearance specifics

  • When goods are transported by rail in accordance with internal customs transit, it is the railway that bears responsibility for the payment of customs duties and taxes. Customs authorities require the destination railway to pay customs duties.
  • If goods are transported by rail, arrivals to and shipments from the customs territory of the Customs Union are carried out at the opened for international rail services checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation.
  • At the request of the railway, temporary storage of goods transported by rail is allowed until they are unloaded directly in vehicles located on the tracks of this railway in places that are not temporary storage warehouses and the location of which is agreed with the customs authorities.

4 reasons to send goods from China by rail

Fast transportation

The goods are transported using high speed container trains and proceed to their destination without transit and re-processing of customs documents. The ability to avoid congestion in and around ports caused by moving containers from port to rail also helps to reduce transportation time.

Comfortable freight

We will prepare all related transport and customs documents, taking into account the railway transport specifics and the type of the equipment being transported. Besides, we offer cargo insurance and consultation.

We provide security and protection.

On the territory of the CIS countries trains are accompanied by security. We provide our customers with an opportunity to track their goods and know their location. A tracking service using GPS devices is available for high valued goods.

Environmental responsibility

Transporting cargo by land from China to Russia helps reduce up to 75% of the carbon footprint left in the ocean. It travels only 11,000 km by land instead of 22,000 km by water. Besides, cargo is transported by rail, which is mainly powered by hydroelectric sources.


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